Booking conditions and info

Most people who book with us often book well in advance.
Payment normally takes place within 1 month after the booking has been completed or according to the end date on the invoice,to guarantee their place.

Of course, it is fine to book activities close to the activity,then the booking must be paid for as soon as possible.

Payment of the first or only invoice is an acceptance by the customer of prices, terms and responsibilities
for said trips, courses and/or services.
In case of late payment, Fiskeguide i Falkenberg AB reserves the right to treat this as a cancellation and withdraw its confirmation of activity.

Less than 60 days before activity 100% payment, i.e. nothing refunded.
(If you want to find a replacement, it's fine to get in touch and see if we have a queue, otherwise you have to find a
replacement yourself atthe activity and notify Fiskeguide i Falkenberg AB)

60-90 days before activity 75% is paid back.

Please note that cancellation of participants in a group (who book together) may either result in a price
increase for the entire group or a cancellation fee will be charged to the passenger who has cancelled.

Vouchers or gift cards are not refunded.

Corona adaptation!
Normal cancellation rules apply!

When you book with us, you can feel safe.
We have all current insurances and follow current industry guidelines.

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