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Sportfishing experience

Sportfishingcourses, guidings, fishingtrips, flyfishingcourses


Sportfishing courses, guided tours, corporate events, fishing trips, flyfishing courses

From land, boat, floattube or wading. Spin and flyfishing.

We work with a number of guides who all have their best tips and tricks to teach.


Sportfishing courses

We provide fly fishing courses in flowing waters and lakes. Both with one-handed and two-handed fly rod.

Courses aimed at predators such as pike bait, boat electronics etc.

Rental of sportfishing equipment

You can rent your fishing equipment by us.

For rent we have, spinning equipment, fly equipment, floattubes, electric motors, boats, waders and more.


- Guided fishingtours

- Flyfishing courses

- Lectures              

- Corporate events     

- Fishingtrips

- Rental of sportfishing equipment

- Fishingflies for sale