What we offers

Courses in flyfishing & flytying

- Singlehand flyfishing in streams and lakes

With or without overnight, food can be arranged....

Are you alone and want to be in a group, contact me and maybe we can arrange a group.

All equipment is available if needed.

- Doublehanded flyfishing in rivers.

Mostly done in Ätran, Falkenberg, but by requests it can be arranged in other rivers too.

- Pike & Perch flyfishing in rivers and lakes.

A really fun and anderenaline filled fishing, I can really recommend this fishing if you not tested it before.

- Flytying courses

Courses in flytying, mostly for beginners.

Mostly done in the Winter. But if you are keen on trying, Contact me and we try to arrange a group.


- Salmon and seatroutfishing i rivers

Mostly done in Ätran or Högvadsån.

But I have a big experience in other rivers too.

Important for guidings, a bit of fishing experince from you is to prefer. Otherwise it's better of as a course.

- Flyfishing at the coast

Fishing for seatrout, mullet, garfish and more.

Mostly done in the Falkenberg area, but I have a big experience of other locations too.

Maybe a trip to Bornholm, Österlen ......

with your friends and me as a guide for example.

- Pike and perch fishing

In the Falkenberg area, a fishing of great fun.

Events for companies

- Flyfishing events on land and in halls

- Flyfishing and spinnfishing in put and take waters

- and much more

I have a lot of different arrangement for companies to offer.

Contact me for some suggestions of fun and maybe sometihng different from the normal afterwork for your employees or costumers.