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Hertingforsen, Falkenberg


Hertingforsen is a new stretch in Ätran for the season 2018.

The stretch is directly above the stretch in the town of Falkenberg,

and runs were the old hydroelectric dam was.

The hydroelectric dam was torn down and the stream has been

restored with nice pools and streams.

The fishingstretch is limited for 2 persons a day and only C/R fishing.

In high water you fish from the northern shore and in low water you wade over close to the southern side, were the chute goes in low water.

The chute is 3-10 m wide in low water.

Which makes the fishing exciting and you get really close to the fish.

In low water a singlehand rod or a shorter twohand rod is perfect,

most of the fishing is at a quite short line.

Here you have some really nice pools and locations for the fish,

with stones and dens. In some parts of the stretch the water is really turbulent,

in this streamy parts the fishing can be really good.

The stretch is about 400 m. Perfect for two persons to fish in peace and quiet . And if you time your fishing when the fish enters the streams

you can get a fantastic fishing.

I’ve had the privilege of test fishing this stretch for 3 seasons,

and it has given me some really great moments,

and a very invaluable knowledge about this lovely stretch.

So if you want to come and visit Falkenberg to fish a unique exciting stretch,

in a lovely environment, and take part of my knowledge,

contact me to book a guiding in one of the Swedish westcoast newest fishing stretches. Fishinglicense also includes fishing at the stretch in Falkenberg town. So if you want to combine Hertingforsen with guiding at the lower part of Ätran, contact me and we arrange a perfect package for this.

I hope to see a lot of flyfishers with bended rods and

tight lines at this beautiful stretch!

Falkenberg is a fantastic food town with great restaurants and a lot of other things to do in combination of your fishing.

Visit falkenberg.se for more info about Falkenberg.



Type of activity







Salmon, Seatrout



3 hours


Not included


equipment is available for rent.



1 pers    1650 Skr incl tax
2 pers    2050 Skr incl tax



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