Coast Falkenberg

Guiding seatrout at the coast

of Falkenberg


Coast fishing for seatrout in Falkenberg is a gem.

Very few people fishing, and a lovely environment.

We have a pretty variating coast environment with a lot of great hotspots.

The fishing is at it’s best from the start at 1 April untill the middle of May,

and from the middle of August untill end of season at the end of September.

But there is also some great spots for the late summernight seatrout fishing.

A fishing that is great fun and the fish is in top condition at this time of the year.

The seatrouts in Falkenberg is in a surprisingly god size,

it’s not unusual with fishes at 3-4 kg. But the average size is arround 1-2,5 kg.

So if you are into seatroutfishing i can warmly recommend a

fishingtrip together with me at some hotspots.

A little depending on your experience and weather conditions we normally fishes 1-3 different places during a guiding.

Welcome to book a fishingtrip!



Type of activity




April - May

Aug - Sept






4 hours


Not included

Equipment is available for rent.

How many

1-4 pers



1 pers    1900 Skr incl tax
2 pers    2300 Skr incl tax
3 pers    2700 Skr incl tax
4 pers    3100 Skr incl tax




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