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Flyfishing courses, guidings, events, flytying, lectures and more

What we offers

We offers everything from beginner courses to guidings, corporate events, lectures and more

- The guidings is for you to find the right spot, technics and more, for a succesful fishing at your visit.

- The courses is for you who want to start flyfishing, learn about the equipment, technics, flies, methods and more.

- The popular corporate events is a pleasant experience with flyfishing, food and lots of laughters

If you


The Fly

In The Stream

The Award is


The feeling when you manage to hook the fish you seen rising at the same place several times,

at the fly you tied some days ago, with the perfect cast.

You can't put it in words!

About us

Seatrout fishing at the westcoast.

A fantastic experience, with salty winds and

rolling waves.

Not too seldom a fish in better size appears.


This Company is here to help the beginner to start fishing, the experienced to find the right spot.

Or maybe your friends/Company with a great day of fishing, food and laughter.

The fishing is mostly concentrated arround Falkenberg and its surroundings.

Here you can fish for trout in streams, pike in lakes and streams, Salmon in Ätran and its confluents, seatrout at the coast and much more. The list can be made long.

We also arrange trips and courses at other varieties, with overnights and more.

(I have a great experience for seatroutfishing at the eastcoast, Salmon and seatrout in Mörrum, rainbowtrout in Tidan and much more).

We have Equipment for all activities, food and accommodation can be arranged.

The Company can manage both groups and singles.

To help me with bigger groups I use some helpers, who sometimes also take their own groups.

All to satisfy the customers needs.

If you want to try something we offer, please don't hesitate to Contact us.

The Company is registered for tax