Coastfishing in Falkenberg

Guided seatrout fishing at the coast of Falkenberg


Coastal fishing for sea trout in Falkenberg is a real treasure.

Very few people fishing here.


We have a fairly varied coastal environment with many real hot spots.


The fishing is at its best from the premiere 1/4 - mid-May, then it really starts up again throughout September.


But here are also many nice places to try on the summer night.

A fishing that can be really calm and rewarding.


The fish can be surprisingly good size, not entirely uncommon

fish of 3-4 kg. But the normal weight is probably 1-2.5 kg.

So if you like sea trout fishing, we can highly recommend
a session with one of our experienced guides in a couple of nice places.


A little depending on your experience and external influence, we will normally have time to visit 1-3 places to fish.


Welcome to join us at a trip!



Type of activity




April - May
August - September





4 hours



Swedish fika


Not included

Equipment is available for rent if needed.



1 pers    1900 Sek
2 pers    2300 Sek
3 pers    2700 Sek
4 pers    3100 Sek


Jesper, Jimmy, Jesper or Andreas